Flexible Slat System

European Flexible Slats

A foundation of durable, curved wooden slats provides flexible support for our mattress.

Slats closeup

But our flexible slat foundation is designed to do more than merely support your mattress—it is designed to support you.

Think outside the box (spring)

Forget undifferentiated box springs. Our European flexible slat system provides independent support, with no sag or roll-together. The flexible slat system can be tuned to match each individual's body contour and ease pressure points.

Flexible Slats Base The slat suspension is versatile

With its adjustable support, a flexible slat suspension provides the optimum contour according to your comfort preference. The slats' give and rotation constantly respond to the shifting planes of your body. And the slat settings can be modified to accommodate changing body needs or comfort preferences over time.

Each side adjusts separately allowing individual adjustments for couples. Paired with any of our mattress styles, the flexible slat system provides an unparalleled combination of true support and comfort.

Euro bed with built-in flexible slat suspension

  • Now available as a built-in option with head board in our own locally-made, eco-friendly furniture line, the Euro Collection.

Slats are a popular alternative to what we're used to. The slat suspension was invented in Switzerland over 50 years ago and accounts for about 70% of the bed sales in Europe. Yet it is relatively new here.

Natural materials

The wood foundation in our slat suspension is crafted from solid, untreated wood from Canada that is PEFC certified for sustainability. We meet flammability standards naturally, without using artificial barriers or chemical sprays by upholstering the foundation with cotton knit made with 100% organic cotton and organic wool to match our mattress design.


Will the slat suspention fit into my existing bed frame?

Absolutely. The flexible slat suspension, available in three height profiles, simply replaces the typical box spring and will fit in any typical frame, be it iron, wood or metal. Shown here are (i) the flexible slat suspension base in a typical metal frame; and (ii) a close-up of an 'adjustable slat row', which includes a third bottom slat that makes direct contact with the rubber slider foot. How much spacing there is between the sliders determines how much lift or give the particular adjustable slat row provides.

Flexible Slats Foundation Adjustable Slats


Motorized Slat Suspension

Motorized Adjustable Slat Frames

Legra side view European Sleep Design offers an exclusive motorized version of the flexible slat suspension. Our height and firmness adjustable slat frames are handcrafted in Germany. The support zones of these frames conform exactly to the body's profile, supporting it in multiple positions. There are firmness adjustment options for the lower back, hip, and knee, and ergonomic head support while in the sitting position. State-of-the-art four-motor articulation provides lift at head, back, legs and foot for increased adaptability. Available with either corded or wireless handsets. Our motors are state of the art Euro DC direct drive motors that are smooth, quiet, powerful and durable.

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