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All-Latex Mattress

8" All-Latex Mattress

A Comfortable and Durable Mattress

8" All-Latex mattress European Sleep Design's 8" All-Latex mattress is a natural latex mattress combining a denser, stable feel with a remarkably elastic surface. Made entirely of highly resilient, authentic Vita Talalay pure natural latex foam rubber. A firm yet plush sensation.

An innovative design incorporates temperature and humidity regulating horizontal airflow channels for a more comfortable and dry sleeping climate.

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  • Firm yet plush
  • Denser, stable feel
  • Highly elastic surface
  • Thermal-balanced for dry sleep
  • Lower motion, free from roll-together and sag
  • Adjustable base compatible: may be used on all motorized adjustable beds and movable bases


  • 8" design: 2” thick pure natural Vita Talalay latex foam atop a 6” pure solid natural Vita Talalay latex foam core
  • 2" top layer of elastic all-natural Vita Talalay latex
  • 6” core of elastic all-natural Vita Talalay latex
  • Unique climate regulating horizontal airflow channels
  • Cover is made from organic cotton knit certified organic by ECOCERT in France, quilted to natural eco-certifed wool.
  • Four firmnesses - split firmness available for couples
  • Eco-certified components - made from natural materials free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing
  • Vita Talalay latex carries a Cradle-to-Cradle GOLD latex certification


  • 2" Soft: 22
  • 2" Firm: 36
  • 6" Medium: 28
  • 6" Firm: 36
  • Note: figures are not absolute but the target and average within a firmness range


Choose your comfort:

The 8" All-Latex mattress is available in four supportive firmness levels - dual-sided option for couples

Optimal configuration:

Paired with flexible slat suspension or motorized slat base.

Luxury option:

Top your European Sleep Design latex mattress with our removable and replaceable Pillow Top and enjoy a uniquely luxurious sleep environment.


Cotton Stretch Mattress Protector made from organic cotton provides natural, breathable protection for your latex mattress while preserving it's feel.
Oxygen Pillows allow optimal sleep posture and head elevation for better nighttime breathing.

Accoutrements to enhance and deepen your sleep:

Improve sleeping climate and nighttime breathing with
wool-filled comforters, wool-filled pillows, latex sleep wedge and organic bedding free from harmful chemicals & dyes.

Considering an adjustable bed?

Legra Adjustable bedDue to the inherent flexibie nature and enhanced ventilatiion of horizontal air channels, the 8" All-Latex latex mattress also makes an ideal choice as a healthful & luxurious adjustable bed mattress or replacement mattress for relaxation and support in any position. Choose our Legra motorized slat base, Electropedic movable base, or upgrade your existing adjustable bed mattress to a latex mattress.

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