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Baltic IA Mattress Model

October 12 2018
October 12 2018


Baltic IA Mattress

A Stable and Comfortable Mattress

Baltic Mattress

European Sleep Design's Baltic IA mattress has a luxurious, tactile feel yet offers substantial, orthopedically sound support. A crisp and stable feel that contours to fit your body.

The Baltic IA features our time-tested, high-performance bi-level, interactive nested pocketed base coil (Germany).

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Bi-level coil Interactive Coil


  • Innovative with two kinds of springs
  • Ideal contouring to the body's shape
  • Soft-touch feel, because of ultimately sensitive springs and high-low coil configuration
  • Progressive support of the spinal column
  • Nested coils for a dense surface


  • High contour
  • Stable and supportive
  • Thermal-balanced for dryer sleep
  • Low motion, free from roll-together and sag
  • Adjustable base compatible: may be used on all motorized adjustable beds and movable bases


  • Latex foam over bi-level interactive coils
  • 1,127 coils (queen)
  • High-grade German honeycomb nested pocket coils
  • High-performance Oeko-Tex 100 eco-certified polypropylene coil fabric
  • 2" top layer of natural Talalay latex cushioning
  • Stretch cover made from organic cotton knit certified organic by ECOCERT in France, quilted to eco-certified wool
  • Four firmnesses to choose from - dual-sided for couples
  • Eco-certified components - made from natural materials free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing


Choose your comfort:

The Baltic IA mattress is available in four supportive firmness levels - dual-sided for couples

Optimal configuration:

Paired with flexible slat suspensionmotorized slat base, or movable base.

Luxury option:

Top your European Sleep Design mattress with our removable and replaceable Pillow Top and enjoy a uniquely luxurious sleep environment.


Performance Stretch Mattress Protector made from organic cotton provides natural, breathable protection for your mattress

Oxygen Pillows allow optimal sleep posture and head elevation for better nighttime breathing.

Accoutrements to enhance and deepen your sleep:

Improve sleeping climate and nighttime breathing with
wool-filled comforters, wool-filled pillows, latex sleep wedge and organic bedding free from harmful chemicals & dyes.

Considering an adjustable bed?

Legra Adjustable bedDue to it's flexible 'hi-lo' honeycomb coil design, the Baltic IA mattress also makes an ideal choice as a healthful & luxurious adjustable bed mattress for relaxation and support in any position. Choose our Legra motorized slat base, Electropedic movable base, or upgrade your existing adjustable bed mattress.

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