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Belgian Visco

Visco - Open cell structure - graphic Belgian Visco

Memory Foam, Without the Bad Memories

The Better Alternative to Conventional Memory Foam

Our Belgian Visco is a fast recovery memory foam that offers both pressure relief and ease of movement. It still maintains the contour, stability and passive elasticity characteristic of memory foam, but without it's inherent drawbacks. Our Belgian Visco features an open cell structure for air flow and temperature control. And its certified chemically safe by CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, level 1 - suitable for babies.

  • Superior Weight Distribution and Pressure Relief
  • Consistent Support
  • Breathability & Temperature Control
  • Ease of Movement
  • Certified Chemically Safe
  • Available exclusively in our 'Godiva' mattress model
Visco - Pressure relief - graphic Visco - Open cell structure - graphic Visco - Certipur logo Oeko-Tex Standard
Fast recovery memory foam offers both pressure relief and ease of movement Open cell structure for air flow and temperature & humidity control CertiPUR certified Certifed chemically safe by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, level 1 - suitable for babies


How Our Belgian Visco Compares Favorably to Traditional Visco

Belgian Visco Memory Foam

Conventional Visco Memory Foam

Weight Distribution and Pressure Relief Our Belgian Visco provides superior weight distribution combined with a high level of breathability and durability. It is officially certified and recognized as medical grade Visco foam in several European countries. N/A
Support Our Belgian Visco is formulated to maintain the same firmness level and support throughout the night, independent of temperature. Standard visco foams have a high level of thermo-variability, i.e. feel softer with increasing temperature thereby reducing support during the night as our body heats up the mattress.
Breathability & Temperature Control The unique formulation of our Belgian Visco creates a perfectly open cell structure that allows good airflow throughout the foam and avoids the resulting heat and humidity buildup typically associated with conventional visco foams. Conventional visco foams typically have a partially open cell structure that generates a strong, slow recovery memory effect but limits air-circulation.
Ease of Movement Natural body movement during sleep is very important to the quality of sleep. Healthy people will and should change position during the course of the night. This helps to maintain the flexibility of the joints and spine and prevents blood from pooling and muscles from becoming stiff and sore. Our fast recovery Belgian Visco is optimally balanced in its load response and will quickly support the sleeper in their new position as they roll over in their sleep. This is an important advantage compared to conventional visco foams. With conventional visco foams the sleeper can roll back into the compression they created with their body weight.  Although the sleeper might not wake up to full consciousness, repositioning takes more muscle effort, causing an increase in heart rate and blood pressure levels that might take the sleeper out of their deep sleep cycle.
Health Öeko-Tex 100 Standard certified, level 1 - suitable for babies. CertiPUR certified. Chemical off-gassing and strong odors, especially when new.