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Mattresses With Low Motion Transfer

A Mattress That's Motion Quiet

A comfortable mattress should have very little motion transfer or bounce

The surface of a mattress should contour accurately to allow the body's curves to be fully supported, and if the mattress functions well, movement on the surface is absorbed rather than transferred from side-to-side. Most conventional mattresses are covered in a tightly woven fabric and contain an interconnected coil construction. This construction reduces flex and increases pressure on the joints while also causing surface movement to travel across the mattress.

Our components reduce motion transfer

At European Sleep Design our mattress features a stretch cotton cover that reduces surface tension and provides give. It is assembled with free-floating layers for minimal bounce. Every coil works independently, providing maximum flexibility and superior contour while dramatically reducing motion transfer. And our mattress is built to last with durable, elastic, all natural latex foam cushioning and German & Swedish flexible steel coils.