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Norwegian PF Mattress

Norwegian PF Mattress

A Luxurious and Dynamically Supportive Mattress

Norwegian PF Mattress European Sleep Design's Norwegian PF mattress offers a supportive, luxurious feel with exceptional pressure relief. A triple coil design with independent coils deflects pressure and provides a luxurious feel of weightlessness. And a generous amount of fine camel hair helps ensure optimal temperature balance while adding sumptuous surface softness.

Posturflo 450x275 Norwegian PF features a nested pocket base coil (German), compressed mini mid-layer coils (Germany), and a unique Posturflo supermini cushion top coil layer (England) for enhanced airflow and pressure relief.

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  • Luxurious feel and optimal support in any sleeping position
  • Sumptuous surface softness for pressure relief
  • Enhanced climate control for drier, 'cooler' sleep
  • DIsturbance-free sleep with reduced motion transfer
  • Ecologically healthy components built to last


  • Triple independent coil design
  • Base layer of nested, flexible German coils
  • Middle layer of 1,550 German mini coils with 1” soft Talalay latex
  • Top layer of 2,200 English Posturflo coils with 3⁄4” Talalay latex
  • High-performance Oeko-Tex 100 eco-certified polypropylene coil fabric
  • Breathable, stretch cover made from organic cotton knit certified organic by ECOCERT in France, quilted to eco-certified wool, combined with a generous amount of fine Mongolian camel hair
  • Diamond quilted plush top panel
  • Four firmnesses choices - optional dual-sided firmness for couples
  • Eco-certified components - made from natural materials free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing


Camel Hair... in a Mattress?

Mongolian Camel Camel hair is an exceptional natural fiber and is particularily luxurious. It is a finer hair than wool with a somewhat fluffier feel, like that of goose down, but with an extraordinary ability to regulate moisture and temperature under all thermal conditions, while also adding surface softness. Related: Learn about our Camel-Hair Filled Comforters

Choose your comfort:

The Norwegian PF mattress is available in two dynamic sensibilities.

Optimal configuration:

Paired with flexible slat suspension.


Performance Stretch Mattress Protector made from organic cotton provides natural, breathable protection for your mattress
Oxygen Pillows allow optimal sleep posture and head elevation for better nighttime breathing.

Accoutrements to enhance and deepen your sleep:

Improve sleeping climate and nighttime breathing with
wool-filled comforterswool-filled pillowslatex sleep wedge and organic bedding free from harmful chemicals & dyes.

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