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What customers are saying...

When I went to European Sleep Design (ESD) I knew they sold the highest quality, long lasting and comfortable mattresses. I was amazed at the price of their products. I had looked at several other high rated mattresses. ESD's mattresses were more comfortable and cost much less. Having owned our mattress for more than six years we can attest to its long lasting comfort. Because of the comfort and value we have purchased four other mattresses from ESD for our family members since our first.

Patrick Ryan |
Folsom, CA

In June 2010 (nearly six years ago) I purchased a Baltic
mattress, mattress cover, 1" mattress topper, wood slat box foundation and the
Oxygen2 pillow...the whole system.  This has been one of the best purchases I
have ever made.  I have a serious back problem and past mattresses were
extremely uncomfortable. I feel it has been well worth the extra money for the
1" mattress topper, too.  It is "luxurious".  I look forward to going to bed
every night because of the comfort.  Also, the fact that these products do not
contain chemicals and don't have off gassing is very important to me.
I highly recommend the European Design mattress systems. And, I remember how
helpful and friendly the owners and employees of this business were.

Sue N. |
Grass Valley, CA

*This is an update to my testimonial given in October of 2011.


My wife and I have been sleeping on our mattress from European Sleep Design for over two years now. We have the Baltic ES model. I can say with the utmost confidence that it is the best investment we have made for our health and sleep quality. This bed is a joy to be in, and leaves me feeling recharged with no lingering aches and pains that used to fatigue me with our past mattresses (I just thought that was a fact of life, but not any more!). We honestly love our bed, and we highly recommend European Sleep Design to others. You will not be disappointed, it's worth it! Over two years later and my wife and I still randomly talk about how much we love our bed, and how glad we are that we made the purchase.


We have just purchased a mattress from European Sleep Design, and my wife and I are very pleased. There is no comparison with any other mattress we have ever tried. Every aspect of our purchase has been wonderful; from their customer service, to the delivery, to the mattress itself, we could not be happier with our purchase. Waking up each morning with the feeling of having truly rested the night before is priceless. We will highly recommend European Sleep Design to our family, friends, and clients.

David G. |
Gold River, CA

No other pillow even compares to the Oxygen Pillow.

Kendall H. |
Fair Oaks, CA

We love our beds, in fact, we have four of them. From the organic cotton and wool to the flexible slats, it is truly an ingenious system. Thanks European Sleep Design!

Lindy M. & Mike C. |
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Wanda and I had paid a lot of money for one of those Tempur-Pedic (very expensive sets) and after sleeping on one of your mattresses we gave that one away and ordered the one from you. To this day it is still the best decision we have made for sleeping.

Dennis Kreuser |
Manistique, MI

I am a person who lived with a broken back for 2 years before having a surgery. Going to bed, and more importantly getting out of bed caused enormous pain. The actual amount and quality of sleep was very limited, and never enjoyable. The support on my back and body from our bed has made an incredible difference. Between not having to tense up and slowly relax every time I lay down, and being well rested, our bed is probably one of the most significant purchases we've ever made.

Charlie M. |
Folsom, CA

We love our bed from European Sleep Design. We purchased the bed because of back discomfort in the more conventional type bed. Now we sleep so much better.

Jill F. |
Orangevale, CA

We bought our own bed and then two more for additional bedrooms a few years later from European Sleep Design and could not be happier with our purchases. I thought the customer service was excellent and the deliveries were all smooth. We are sleeping on a queen sized slat bed called the Mediterranean 2, with each side set up for our preferred firmness and our body types. The only bad thing I could say is that we are now bed snobs and have become less inclined to sleep on any other bed!

Jan Hersh |
Danville, CA

This bed is fantastic! Bought it “on-the-spot”!! Have referred several friends who agree and who also purchased. The staff at European Sleep Design are great as well! I’m in “Dream Time Heaven” every night.

Elizabeth Grimoldi |
Sacramento, CA

A physical therapist, I was recommended to European Sleep Design mattress system by a world renowned colleague from the Bay Area. My wife was pregnant and having back pain at the time, and we were in the market for a new bed. We tested several brands, but the only bed that decreased my wife's back pain was the European Sleep Design mattress system. I was impressed that the mattress system would be designed for my wife's anatomy on her side of the bed and mine on my side of the bed. Included in this design was the ability to select the ideal firmness for each side of the bed. I feel very supported and comfortable while I lie on the mattress, without pressure points. I was additionally impressed with the Oxygen Pillow. The staff took the time to ask about our most comfortable sleep position and took into consideration what size we each were to determine the correct size of pillow. I have been extremely pleased with our mattress system and pillows that we purchased from European Sleep Design for nearly four years. Proper support and rest are extremely important in the management of spinal conditions. I recommend this sleep system to every patient with back and neck pain. They will receive the best spinal support possible to help them rest well and feel better.

Jeff Mitchell PT, FAAOMPT |
Folsom, CA

We just love our bed! We noticed the difference the first morning after our first night's sleep! Roger is now sleeping thru the night, and that is wonderful. The only problem----I don't want to get up in the morning! It is so comfortable. Anytime someone talks about getting a new bed, I'm sending them your way. Thanks, again.

Chris & Roger R. |
Carmichael, CA

I bought my bed a couple of months ago and love it soooooo much! I love the green philosophy and the ergonomics of the design. I had to have the sheets and that luxury topped it off. I would recommend European Sleep Design to anyone, and I have. The team in the Folsom store is amazing. Excellent service and so knowledgable. Lucky me for checking them out. My chiropractor was the one who recommended me to have a look. Glad I did.

Jennifer L. |
Folsom, CA

I have lived with severe scoliosis for more than four decades, so finding "the right" pillow has been a lifetime pursuit of mine. Over the years, I've purchased numerous orthopedic and cervical neck pillows ultimately achieving the same results managing mild to moderate neck & head pain upon arising every morning. While searching for a better solution, I came across European Sleep Design's Oxygen pillow online. After trying a huge variety of Oxygen pillows in your store, I purchased one. To my amazement, beginning with my first night's sleep on the Oxygen pillow, and every day since, I have awakened without ANY neck and head pain. I did not expect to have dramatically different results with this pillow, and words fail to express my unexpected and complete satisfaction with the Oxygen pillow. I also love the fact that my head does not perspire with this pillow. I highly recommend it! Thank you to the staff for the service and kind assistance you provided. Sincerely, Jan - an incredibly satisfied customer.

Jan R. |
Sacramento, CA

Dear Jill,

Kay and I must tell you how much we are enjoying sleeping on our new mattress and I am enjoying my new pillow. We both are sleeping better and wake up in the morning and no back pain, the first time in over 4 years. After three different mattresses in four years, none of them were yours, we were skeptical customers. We really appreciate the time you spent with us discussing your mattresses and how they are built. Your knowledge of the product and your presentation was thorough and covered every aspect of our sleeping habits and our comfort. You made us really think about our individual needs and comfort. Thank you for your patience with us. We will recommend your product and your store to our friends, knowing they will be well taken care of with a superior product.


Larry and Kay Hull (two very satisfied customers) |
Placerville, CA