High-Performance Pocketed Coils

European Coils For Higher Performance

Not All Coils Are Created Equal

Posturflo 450x275 Just because they’re separated from your body by cushioning, doesn’t mean coils can be of inferior quality. The trouble with the innersprings in most mattresses is that they're built to handle body mass but not the bony pressure points: shoulders and hips. The mattress resists those areas, causing added stress.

Support Everywhere

Our independent flexible steel coils provide the support you need and the comfort you want. Made in Germany, Sweden and England to our specifications, they are both stronger and more flexible than standard American tempered steel coils. They give "wall-to-wall" support yet allow enough give to reduce pressure at the high contact points.

Independent Movement

Swedish nested pocket coil Because of our unique nested design, our coils move independently, responding to your body contour and weight, but only exactly where you need it.

More of Them

Mini coil European Sleep Design's mattresses also have more coils than most other mattresses: up to 2,800 per queen-sized mattress.  Compare that to the 700-1,000 found in so-called premium mattresses. This increased coil count reduces pressure at the shoulders and hips by creating high contour. What's more, the individual coils in our mattresses reduce side-to-side motion for a stable and sound night's sleep.

What we add in springs, adds to your comfort.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

Like all our materials, our coil fabrics have been certified free of harmful substances by Oeko-Tex, the independent European testing board.

Innerspring mattresses dissipate heat approximately 28% better than air or foam surfaces*

*Kansas State University, Institute of Environmental Research