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Hardwood Storage Beds

Beds with Storage Drawers

Euro Storage Bed with Drawers More space for your stuff

Storage beds help you efficiently utilize the space under your bed and are an increasingly popular choice where room space is at a premium.

Most storage beds are designed for a mattress only and do not require the use of a box spring.

Our storage beds are available in many different designs, from craftsman to contemporary. Unlike many mattresses today that are often too thick and therefore unsuitable for use on a storage bed, European Sleep Design's mattresses have a lower profile and are ideal for storage bed use. Many of our storage bed models are also available in non-storage 'platform only' versions (see Platform Beds).

  • Many of the storage beds we offer can accommodate our low-profile slat suspension foundation too if desired. This way you can benefit from the added functionality that the flexible slat suspension provides, and still be able to utiize all of the storage drawers. Additionally, with our Euro Collection storage bed we can build the slat suspension right into the frame.

Various wood species (e.g. cherry, walnut & maple) and stained finish options are available. Please inquire.

Click-on samples...

Storage bed frames

Berk Storage Bed


Monterey Storage Bed

Euro storage Bed in Walnut 90

Alison storage bed

Brandon storage bed

McKenzie Storage Bed with drawers

Euro storage Bed in Walnut 82

Chelsea storage bed

McKenzie Bookcase Storage Bed

McKenzie KING Bookcase Storage Bed Caffe

Euro Storage Bed with Drawers

McKenzie Bookcase Storage Bed w/Piers

McKenzie Bookcase Headboard Storage Piers

McKenzie Bookcase Headboard Storage Piers Caffe

McKenzie Storage Bed - Caffe

Pacific Storage Bed 12Drawer Mission Storage Bed


Note: all European Sleep Design mattress styles are ideal for storage bed use.