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Mattress Models

Mattress Model Choices

Each of our signature mattress models have slightly different sensibilities. All are designed to deliver optimum support, reduced pressure, and less motion.

ESD Mattress System Each comes with the adjusting slat suspension, contains superior-quality natural latex foam, and has a wool-filled high performance stretch cotton cover made from 100% organic cotton.

  • Our mattress models are available in a variety of firmness choices, with dual-sided firmness option for couples
  • Our slat bases are dual sided and individually adjustable so you and your partner may enjoy optimal support without compromise.
  • Top your European Sleep Design mattress with our Pillow Topper Pad option and enjoy a uniquely luxurious sleep environment.

Not a 'good-better-best'

Since all European Sleep Design's mattresses incorporate the best design elements, your own comfort preference becomes the ultimate test.

Mattress Models At-A-Glance:

Baltic IA Mattress The Baltic mattress is where luxury and support come together, combining dense natural ventilated latex and flexible German interactive honeycomb chambered coils. Serious support with a slightly firmer feel. Adjustable base compatible.

8" All-Latex mattress
The 8" All-Latex mattress combines a firmer feel with a highly elastic surface. This enables our all-latex mattress to yield to your body’s contours while still providing firm support. Firm yet plush. Adjustable base compatible.

Mediterranean 3 Mattress
The Mediterranean 3 mattress has a more substantial firmness, yet is still buoyant, rebounding quickly with body movement. Compressed German micro-coils atop nested German coils give it a feeling of solidity, balanced by responsiveness. Quiet stability.

Norwegian PF Mattress
The Norwegian PF mattress features a triple coil design for a supportive and luxuriously responsive feel. A top layer of 2200 Posturflo English supermini cushion coils and the addition of fine camel hair in the cover not only provides exceptional humidity control but adds sumptuous comfort. A luxurious feel of weightlessness.


"The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald