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Mattress Comfort and Sleep

Comfort and Sleep

What's The Most Comfortable Mattress?

For years we heard "the firmer the mattress, the better." Now we're hearing the opposite: "soft is best." Or is it "firm underneath and soft on top"?

Comfortable sleep The truth is: the best mattress is one that feels good to the person sleeping on it. And one that doesn't do bad mattress things, like roll into the middle, sag, bounce side to side, make noise or wear out quickly. European Sleep Design's mattresses don't do these things. So you can concentrate on what feels best to you, whether that be firm, soft or in-between.

Comfort is subjective

But proper support isn't. As trained consultants, European Sleep Design staff will help guide you through finding a mattress that meets your comfort preferences. But also make sure it supports your body correctly. After all, you spend a very important third of your life in bed. Shouldn't it be on a mattress you actually like? We think so.

"Bed is the best place for reading, thinking, or doing nothing."
-Doris Lessing