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Talalay Latex Foam Cushioning

Made From Natural Latex

Natural latex foam rubber

Latex: soft, yet supportive—the natural way

Most mattress cushioning is polyurethane or memory foam—stiff, unyielding, and full of chemicals. Not ours. We use only premium quality authentic all-natural latex foam, without any fillers. Our pure, natural latex foam is made with the Talalay process, for breathability, elasticity, durability and comfort, and thoroughly washed to remove soaps and residues.

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Rubber trees Derived from the milk of plantation-grown rubber trees, natural latex has remarkable elasticity and strength for maximum pressure reduction with minimal wear. This resilient foam doesn’t sag like polyurethane foams, and it’s far more breathable. Polyurethane foam traps moisture accumulated during sleep and quickly becomes saturated creating a haven for dust mites and mildew. Natural latex foam, however, is anti-bacterial and resists mold and mildew for a cleaner nights sleep.

The benefits of a mattress made with natural latex are many:

  • Offers long lasting support with a choice of firmness options
  • Conforms perfectly to body contours for superb comfort and back support
  • Aaerated, well ventilated interior dissipates heat and body moisture
  • Does not need to be turned
  • Hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial - latex inhibits the growth of common bacteria and mildew
  • Silent in use with nothing to squeak or creak
  • Independent support means you can move without disturbing your partner

Latex foam is pure and free from toxic substances

European Sleep Design's natural latex foam is free from toxic substances, including formaldehydes, bromides, and PBDE’s (Polybrominated diphenal ethers, formerly used in chemical flame retardants). Oeko-Tex, an environmental testing board in Switzerland, certifies that our mattress components meet their highest standard for cleanliness and purity.

Cradle to Cradle GOLD Certified Latex

Additionally our latex carries a EPEA Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM GOLD certification. And that should help you sleep better at night.

OekoTex Cradle to Cradle logo EPEE logo C2CGold 450x275


Why don't you sell memory foam?

We believe that it is important for the sleeper to be able to move easily and being immediately supported in the new sleeping position which can only be achieved by a very resilient foam or springs – not memory foam.



Comparing latex and memory foam

LATEX VISCO (memory foam)
Materials Natural rubber* Polyurethane
Body conformity, support & body surface pressure Optimal body conformity through natural elasticity and homogeneous cell structure. Follows the body’s natural contours. Removes areas of high pressure. Provides individual support and comfort in any sleeping position. Distributes body pressure evenly – avoids bed sores BUT for healthy people pressure distribution is generally not a problem and through the large contact area there is greater resistance to turning and impaired freedom of movement resulting in the sleeper waking up trying to turn.
Resilience High resilience provides quick recovery of the shape and support characteristics of the mattress core when the sleeper turns or moves during the sleep process allowing easy movement. Very low resilience results in rigid body weight impressions  which impair the sleeper from moving adequately.
Ventilation / Sleeping climate Open, interconnected cell structure and pin core design provide excellent ventilation resulting in a drier and healthier sleeping climate. Closed cell structure results in very limited airflow through highly compacted cells. Large contact area generates  greater heat build up and reduced air flow.
Health Öko-Tex 100 Standard certified. Cradle to Cradle CerifiedCM GOLD certification. No certification – (undisclosed chemical composition)
Beneficial to Allergy sufferers Inherently hypoallergenic, bactericidal and anti-fungal, does not harbor dust mites. -
Durability Minimal height and hardness loss due to natural resilience of raw material and cell structure Long lasting and exceptionally durable. 80 years proven track record. -

*At European Sleep Design we use only all-natural Talalay latex, not blended or synthetic latex.


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