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Proper Alignment

Alignment & Sleep Posture

Proper Body Alignment Reduces The Risk Of Chronic Back Pain

Body weight, shape and flexibility, chronic conditions, and favored sleeping positions are variables that demand the right support to keep the spine aligned.

Most mattresses provide poor alignment

When you sleep on your side, there's more pressure on shoulders and hips. Most conventional mattresses resist the weight of these pressure points; they "push up" when they should be letting you sink in. Or else they just sag all over, still not providing the right support at these points. These pressure points and sags can put the body into positions where musculoskeletal stresses can undo the benefits of sleep.

The sleeper sometimes tries to find relief. When the mattress lacks support and causes discomfort, you may end up twisting your torso, raising your arm to alleviate the problem. This reduces the restorative properties of sleep by adding instability and stress to the body, causing reduced oxygen intake, and aches and pains in the morning.

We understand and promote proper alignment

Body alignment The sleep systems from European Sleep Design:

  • Adjust to each person's contour
  • Respond to shifts in weight and shape
  • Distribute weight and pressure evenly
  • Maintain their form to keep the body and spine in alignment

The benefits are many. Proper body alignment reduces the risk of chronic back pain, keeps neck and shoulders relaxed, and promotes the deeper sleep cycles that heal the body.

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Proper spinal support to help you rest well and feel better.