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Sleep And Humidity

Mitigate Humidity Build-Up


Humidity & Your Sleep Environment

During the night, as the body's metabolism works, perspiration is released as water vapor. Synthetic bedding and poly-fill in mattresses trap and hold the moisture. Air can't circulate.

Humidity affects your heart rate

When nighttime temperatures rise and moisture increases, your heart rate increases. That, in turn, elevates blood pressure and causes shallower sleep. You may awaken in a sweat, unable to return to sleep (or just wake up in the morning feeling like you didn't get enough sleep). At a time when you should be resting, your heart isn't.

Humidity & Microclimate

Humidity & Heart Rate

Humidity is linked to allergies

Because synthetics produce more moisture and thick cotton battings take a long time to dry out, they provide the perfect, moist climate for molds, mildew, and dust mites to thrive. All of which affect breathing and allergies.

Our components reduce humidity

At European Sleep Design the mattress lining and bedding products we carry are pure, light-weight wool. Wool conducts moisture away from the body, allows air to circulate, and evaporates water vapor. Our mattress covers are performance cotton tri-knit, a highly breathable fiber. The pure natural latex foam in our mattresses has ventilation holes to resist moisture build-up and accelerate drying. And our pocketed coils and micro-coils not only provide constant airflow but are covered in a high-performance Oeko-Tex 100 eco-certified polypropylene coil fabric that is quick drying for excellent moisture and mold resistance.

Together, these components make for a healthier, drier sleep system.

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Innerspring mattresses dissipate heat approximately 28% better than air or foam surfaces*

*Kansas State University, Institute of Environmental Research